Cheshire SARC

St Mary's SARC: 0161 276 6515

RASASC: 0330 363 0063


We will listen, we will respect you and we will believe you.

We know how difficult it might feel to tell someone that you have been raped or sexually assaulted.  No matter what happened or how long ago, we can help.


Anything you tell us is confidential & you can speak to us anonymously.


You might be experiencing lots of different kinds of emotions; some of these may include fear, confusion or anger.  You may feel overwhelmed, isolated or be feeling ashamed or numb.  All of these feelings and many more are a normal response to the trauma of sexual violence.


If you feel ready you can contact us on 0330 363 0063 and we can tell you about the support we can offer you.  You do not have to tell us your name or contact details if you are only requiring information at this stage.  It is important that you are aware what options are available to you and you can take as much time as you need to decide what option feels right for you.


What we can offer

Less than 10 days ago

Your options:


I DO NOT want to report to the Police


I DO want to report to the Police


More than 10 days ago

Your options:


I DO NOT want to report to the Police


I DO want to report to the Police




From the moment I reported this to the police, all the way through the process of my video interview, the visit to St Mary’s SARC, forensic involvement, DNA process and my visit to RASASC – I have been treated with the upmost care and respect. I was thrown, without warning, into a completely ‘alien’ world overnight, and the professionals who dealt with my case, from beginning to end have kept me strong and positive. I was unaware of these services prior to that awful night, and I cannot sing everyone’s praises enough. Many, many thanks to ALL involved.

Sarah, 54



Speaking directly to someone about my sexual violence was so much easier than I anticipated. I was so scared of being judges and tempted of not being believed. I am really grateful for the acknowledgment and understanding.

Mark, 47



My counsellor has been fantastic at allowing me to realise that the past was not my fault which has enabled me to cope with the present much better than before. She has been very understanding, friendly and unjudgemental. I can’t thank her enough for the help she has given me.

Ella, 26



My ISVA has been no end of support to me and set me at ease through challenging criminal justice processes. The ISVA explained everything thoroughly, chased the police for answers when I was getting nothing. Without her support, understanding and kindness I am highly certain I would not have coped at all. So thank you to the ISVA for helping me to feel human, confident and okay. It is greatly appreciated!

Mandi, 27



Before I came here I had a lot of trauma issues and really bad anxiety. I also wasn’t particularly happy with myself. But this has made me such a happier person and I can really feel the difference. My counsellor has been ever so helpful throughout my sessions and I have a lot to thank her for. Thanks to this service I can now move on with my life and put the past behind me.

George, 19



I have found RASASC a very supportive service throughout my trauma experience. I felt well listened to, and feel much better in coping with difficulties I have. My confidence has increased and counselling has enabled me to express my thoughts and feelings well, and in turn enable myself a better quality of life, that wasn’t in place before the trauma.

Aaliyah, 29