Cheshire SARC

St Mary's SARC: 0161 276 6515

RASASC: 0330 363 0063


We have a team of Independent Sexual Violence Advisors (ISVA) working across Cheshire to provide you with support. 


Please ring 0330 363 00633 or email to arrange to speak to and ISVA.  If you have not reported your incident to the police you can discuss your options with an ISVA.


The ISVA service is available across Cheshire & Merseyside in the following locations:

Our specialist worker will aim to meet you for an initial meeting as soon as possible – this gives them the chance to identify your support needs and agree on a care plan with you.  This can include making appointments for sexual health checks; making referrals to health & other local services; and advice with housing options.


If you have reported (or are considering reporting), your rape or assault to the police we can accompany you to the police station and support you throughout the criminal justice process by giving you advice and guidance on your rights. We will liaise with the police and Crown Prosecution Service to update you about how your case is progressing. 


We will also aim to support you through the court process for instance by arranging a visit to court before the trial and/or helping you to access special measures, which may protect you from being seen by your perpetrator in court.